About Us

Creaction is a global internet technology company focusing on game publishing, traffic distribution, portal navigation as well as software development.

Basing on Oasis Games launched in 2011 ,on the trajectory of growth, it has expanded fast with branch offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Turkey and Brazil . With above 300 elites all over the world and key partners from 20 countries, Creaction has established its universal global business circle.

Creaction distributed games across 70 countries, in more than 14 languages, with above 80,000,000 registered users worldwide. The company became the TOP game publisher in Turkey, Latin America and Poland . Star game “ Legend Online ” was announced by Facebook as “2012 Global Top25 most popular game”

The navigation portals affiliated to Creaction,like Portalsepeti, Navegaki,Atajitos and Netmahal,all operated by local employees. Above 9,000,000 daily PV makes Portalsepeti and Netmahal keep navigation portals Top2 in Turkey for years.

Under the effort from multinational tech, operation and business team, platform Navigation Network achieved 300% growth on traffic distribution in the past 3 years and established close partnership from Germany, France, United States,Turkey, Israel , India ect.

Business size

101-500 employees